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5th WOQEM 2020 Conference

26th to 28th Dec 2020 Bangalore India

WOQEM Research Center Private Ltd., Bangalore is organizing the 5th International Virtual Conference & Summit ‘World of Quantum Energy Medicine - 2020’ during Dec 26th to 28th 2020.

This conference is a brain child of Dr.Rita Mahajan Ph D, Director WOQEM, who has been well versed with the working of the Energy medicine- a spiritual-scientific approach to our everyday HEALTHY living.

Mr.I.V.Reddy, Managing Director & Founder Trustee of Pyramid Spiritual Trust, India Very inclined in the research of Spiritual Science and Managing Director of WOQEM Research Center Pvt.Ltd.,

WOQEM Research CenterPrivate Ltd., commitment to promote the practice of complementary and integrative healthcare with emphasis on Quantum Energy Medicine therapies and related fields of spiritual scientific approach to everyday healthy living.

This Unique “CONFERENCE AND SUMMIT OF QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE” is an initiative of WOQEM Research CenterPvt. Ltd. to bring fundamental awareness of the entire complexity of understanding Quantum Energy and its application in our day-to-day ordinary lives and our wellbeing. This Conference is meant to bring to the forefront the latest WISDOM of the Quantum Energy, going for new approaches in understanding the human body as a holistic network of frequencies.

Participants take home value of having met with the pioneers, researchers& innovators in the field of QUANTUM PHYSICS across the globe and having expanded the wisdom of dealing with their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being with Care and Love.


Quantum Science gives us the most appropriate tools for the study of all aspects of human being as well as the human body, mind and emotions as they network with each other. Quantum Medicine, therefore, is a Medicine that views Life, Health and Disease as a network phenomenon and uses statistics as its analytical tool.


While, it is an emerging subject and new paradigm, by attending this conference, you will expand your understanding of the QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE from the Spiritual –scientific realm.

  • It will leave you empowered and expanded experiencing the technology on a one on one basis
  • To relate in person to these Global leaders in research and development and they are innovators of amazing technologies.
  • To provide a platform to encourage the participants to acquire these skills to their existing practice and join hands with us in our vision of “creating a Disease free planet earth” Place the power of one’s health in the people’s hands.
  • To provide educational workshops/ courses in energy therapies for professionals and interested clientele.
  • To develop and support a culture of professionalism in the Teaching and use of energy therapies.


  • To Bring to awareness the Quantum understanding of our Lives, mind, body and soul
  • To promote the Knowledge, Technology and applicability of Quantum Energy therapies
  • To Develop supportive Multidisciplinary community of Practitioners
  • To provide a link to update information about ongoing research on Energy Medicine, therapies and technology.
  • To provide a platform for Researchers, Practitioners and professionals from all fields of Health care to unite and redefine the process to support humanity

WOQEM Research CenterPvt.Ltd., commitment is to promote the practice of complementary and integrative healthcare with emphasis on Quantum Energy Medicine therapies and related fields of spiritual scientific approach to every day living


Speakers at the Conference represent some of the most successful pioneers in the field of QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE from across the globe. They are pioneers in the certain technology and are well recognised for their contribution to humanity. These are the Leaders in their own right researching those subject matters where most of us have taken for granted. They have provided simplistic solutions for anyone and everyone. This conference offers unprecedented opportunity for anyone, with an interest in learning about the future of Medicine and health care, to learn from the masters who work at the cutting edge of research in these fields and also to know more about the opportunity to pursue further studies in this new paradigm.


Dr. Rita Mahajan Phd., Padma BhushanDr. B.M.Hegde , Dr. AmitGoswamy, Dr.Patrick Porter, Dr. Francisco CidralFilho, Dr. KonstantinPavilidis, Dr. Vivek Sharma, Dr. J.M.Shah, Dr. Neeta Shah, Dr.IrinaKossvakia, Dr. AntoliPavelenko, Mark Sims, Dr. Suhas Shetty, Dr. Murthy, Dr.LakshmiBikina, Dr. Stevene Greer, and many more of the masters on a single platform.

THE WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT? In this emerging need arose out of COVID 19, there is a more simple methods of dealing with the situation. The answer is QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE. Learn from the masters.

Quantum Energy Medicine in various forms are being practised in United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, South America, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Russia.

  • Many Universities of repute in Europe, Germany and Russia are working on the Research in developing tools to support people in all walks of Life.
  • The result of the research has given to the world one of the most cost effective tools and machines and methodology to support the people suffering from many ailments.
  • The Quantum Energy Medicine is an accepted form of Therapy in UK, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, RUSSIA and South America.
  • Ancient traditional methods of healing practised in India and China has united many of the Western world in understanding the quick, cost effective methods of healing.
  • The Quantum Science provides the scientific evidence to the ancient medicine. Viz., Acupuncture using the meridians which was practised in India and China. Indians call it NADI System and Chinese call it Meridians. Many Scientists are validating Ancient practises and giving clear understanding supported by clinical studies and cases.

Team WOQEM 2020 Hosted by Dr. Rita Mahajan and Dr. Patrick Porter:

This conference will be organized under the Chairmanship of Dr. S.Kantha .former Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

Advisory Board:

Dr. K.Sriprakash Former Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Dr. LingeGowda former Director KIDWA

Dr. Jnanendra Former President Indian Medical Association Bangalore Chapter

You are cordially invited to join us in this endeavour as collaborators, Partners, speakers, influencers and delegates which ever way you fit it right for you.
Looking forward to hear from you soon,

love and regards,
“together we can create a world that works for all”
Dr.Rita Mahajan
Host WOQEM 2020