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  • Date : 26th Dec 2020
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Aurelio is a musician, educator, ethno-musicologist, researcher, sound designer and sound healer.

Through his extensive travels and studies all around the world, he has become a noted pioneer in the development and manufacturing of innovative musical instruments – from simple ones for beginners to specially designed ones for use in wellbeing modalities and institutions

He studied the social, communal, ceremonial and healing role of music in ancient societies and had field studies in North America, the South Pacific and Far East. Immersing himself in the indigenous traditions of music and their practices he explored socio-eco and psychoacoustics and built his first musical instruments. The exposure in sacred music traditions of early Christian chant and Indian Classical music deepened his perception into the spiritual dimension of music, and brought forward the holistic concept of education, harmony and healing, the “Sound Approach to Life“.

In Auroville, South India he co-created the Vérité Integral Learning and Seminar Center and engaged in serious studies of Indian scriptures on music, medicine, and performing arts. He initiated and established the Mohanam Cultural Center for Tamil heritage, youth and development work.2003 he launched SVARAM. Conceived initially as a social development and craft project it specialized into a place for experimentation and innovation for musical instruments, and has evolved into a community enterprise which produces a wide range of instruments for the international market.Aurelio collaborates with notable researchers and musicians from all over the world. Offering workshops, trainings and seminars in Finland, Austria, Portugal, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and other countries, He is associated with the World Federation of Music Therapy and publishes articles in newspapers and research magazines.

Now he directs SVARAMs expansion into a Campus: a combination of experiment and heritage, with a studio, a laboratory for sound research, an academy for musical studies, modern workshops and a vocational training center in musical instrument making which would be the first of its kind in India.

Email : aurelio@auroville.org.in

Website : www.svarams.com