• Topic : Osteopathy and Naturopathy
  • Date : 27th Dec 2020
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Dr. Francisco Jose Cidral

Filho UNISUL University in Brazil Integrative Health School USA

Dr. Francisco Jose Cidral-Filho has led 18 research works with 170 citations and 1583 reads, including; Light – emitting Diode therapy reduces Persistent Inflammatory Pain; Role of interleukin 10 and Antioxidant Enzymes. He is co-founder and Associate Professor of the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroscience at the UNISUL University in Brazil. He is a published researcher in the area of Integrative Medicine, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and Neurobiology of pain and inflammation. He serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Naturology and Complementary Therapies, the Rheumatology Open Journal, the Journal of Yoga and Physical Therapy and the Journal of Orthopedics and sports medicine. He holds a Bachelors in Naturology (Integrative Medicine) , specialization in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a masters and Ph D in Neuroscience and a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Health Sciences. He is the director of Research and Development of Multiple Energy Technology LLC, and Founder CEO of Scientifica consulting LLC and Natural Quanta LLC

Email : cidral@naturalquanta.com

Website : www.integrativehealthschool.com