• Topic : Transpersonal Psychology
  • Date : 27th Dec 2020
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Dr. Irma Azomoza and Ponce

Director of Transpersonal Institute AC. Town Winner of Several Awards and Recognitions from across the globe for her work

Trained with the best specialists in the world.

Coaching. pre- and perinatal psychology. Emotional intelligence (USA). Experiential techniques. Psychodrama Dr. Daniel Nares) Gestalt (Maestro Hector Salama) Clinical Hypnosis. Super Learning (USA). Psychoprophylactic birth. Buddhist psychology. Shamanism (USA). Alternative Medicine, Multiple Intelligences (USA) Dreams (USA AND CANADA) addictions, family and business Constellations, Psicoespiritualidad (USA) Breath Transformation (USA) Holotropic Breathing (USA) Thanatology. German New Medicine.

Contact :

Prolongacion de la
31, Poniente No :39,
Tel :01(222)2372535
Email: administracion@transpersonal.com.mx, direccionescolar@transpersonal.com.mx