• Topic : Quantum Economics
  • Date : 28th Dec 2020
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Dr. James Alvino

Dr. James Alvino is an international speaker & speaker trainer, author, award-winning business coach, and spiritual entrepreneur. He is certified as a Law of Attraction trainer, Quantum Activist, and Ho’oponopono Practitioner.

Dr. Alvino is known by media pundits as “Your Law of Attraction Business Coach” for his distinction in teaching what he calls the “energetic components of success,” including the fundamentals of neuroscience and quantum physics. In his book, Explorer’s Guide to the Law of Attraction: How to Tap into the Quantum Heart for Happiness and Success (2013), he chronicles his own spiritual journey and introduces numerous mindset & meditation techniques for helping the reader break through personal limitations in seeking fulfillment.

His presentation on “Spiritual Entrepreneurism” synthesizes key concepts from Eastern spiritual literature, the science of quantum physics and attractor field theory, and entrepreneurial business principles to offer a blueprint for creating an enterprise grounded in both the spiritual and material worlds. Dr. Alvino’s most recent addition to his creative work is a 12-session, online course he calls, “Psychology of Manifestation,” which he describes as his most “comprehensive” treatment of the subject to date.

Dr. Alvino believes that ALL healing – whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – begins with self-healing; and he offers a multi-faceted model for healing oneself and attaining peace, abundance, and success.

Dr. Alvino offers one-on-one coaching to qualified applicants. You may contact him via email at jim@jimalvino.com phone: 1-855-626-4562; or online at www.jimalvino.com/contact.