• Topic : Biofield Science
  • Date : 26th Dec 2020
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Jasmuheen is a proponent of Pranic Nourishment,or Breatharianism the practice of living without food or fluid or any sort. Supporting the reality of health, happiness and harmony. Her focus is on providing methodology to achieve the one people living in harmony as one planet.

Jasmuheen's main service agenda is the raising of consciousness to create a healthy, harmonious world. To support this she is the author of 38 metaphysical books that are published in 18 languages; the Founder of the Embassy of Peace and implementer of its Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Projects; she is also an Ambassador of Peace for the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program; Pranic Living & eliminating global hunger; international lecturer on metaphysics, ascension &interdimensional energy field science. Jasmuheen is also a leading researcher on the controversial pranic nourishment reality & Darkroom Training facilitator; founder of the Self Empowerment Academy; facilitator of the C.I.A. – the Cosmic Internet Academy; publisher & film-maker; artist presenting Sacred Art Retreats, musician & President of the Global Congress – Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, India

Email : admin@selfempowermentacademy.com.au