• Topic : HRV integrating into your practise
  • Date : 28th Dec 2020
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Michael J. Porter, B.S., MPL

Michael J. Porter, B.S. MPL, is the National Education Director at BrainTap Technologies, supporting its MindFit Neuro-Trainer and Self-Mastery Technology programs. He is a trainer for the BrainTap HRV system of validation and verification. With the help of the BrainTap HRV, Michael educates alternative practitioners of all modalities to objectively look into the regulatory systems of the body and see first-hand the effects of the work they do. He is also author of BrainTap's Naturally Thin Lifestyles program, consisting of 26-weeks of nutrition classes for practitioners.

Michael has been at the forefront of the brain wave entrainment movement since the late 1980s when he worked with the company that developed the first portable light & sound brain-training device, which was voted "Best New Gadget" at the 1988 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is the predecessor of what is now the BrainTap unit.

Additionally, Michael spent fourteen years as director of nutrition for the Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers® franchise. In that time, Michael authored two unique nutrition-based programs. The first program, The Twelve Steps to Better Health and Nutrition, was designed specifically for weight-loss clients and has since helped thousands to lose weight and improve their health. The second program is called The Hypno-Nutrition Learning Series. This program was specifically designed to enhance the knowledge of the client with cutting-edge nutritional information; it is an all-around health and wellness learning series that can be used by any client to help promote weight loss and optimum health.

Michael started researching health and nutrition in 1974 when he uncovered his own food sensitivities and transformed his health through better nutrition. He has since been sharing his knowledge with others through special reports, video and audio-recorded messages, magazine and newsletter articles, and on websites and blogs. The breadth and depth of his health and nutrition knowledge is unparalleled, which is why he is a popular guest on radio shows such as the Ask the Expert Show on WNIS Radio in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Michael earned his B.S. degree at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (Quantum University). He also holds a Masters of Psycho-Linguistics (MPL) certification and has been a Certified Lymphologist since 1997.