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  • Date : 26th Dec 2020
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Dr. Sunny Ashokkumaar Bavsar.


Dr. Sunny A Bhavsar has done a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Shree Devi college in Mangalore in 2005, He Also Holds a Diploma in Acupuncture as well as Holds M.D in Alternative medicine. He is also the Founder of Bio369 PVT ltd A company that deals in Innovative and advanced technology in alternative medicine.

He is also an inventor of a quantum scalar broadcasting server and manufacturer of Many Advance technologies in sound and frequency healing. He is an Inventor and Manufacturer of Advance alternative healing devices. He is Also a trainer of many advanced quantum healing technologies.

He is also a Certified Trainer in Radionics device Se51000 from USA Since 2011.Dr. Sunny Bhavsar has Trained many Doctors, Spiritual healers, Layman in Quantum healing devices In INDIA as well as in the USA, France, Africa, Saudi Arabia.

Phone: +91 9898069234

Website : www.biozapv3.com/

Email : denaproducts@gmail.com