• Topic : Ancient Science of Varmam Therapy
  • Date : 27th Dec 2020
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Terry Hodgkinson


Master Canadian distributor and multiple meditation program contributor for BrainTap Technologies, Founder and master educator at Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation ,Wellness centre owner in Toronto, Canada. - International Personal Development Retreat Leader in India, China and Indonesia. Having lived a monk’s lifestyle early on in life, Terry mastered his traditional martial arts style at an early age before venturing on and training in multiple martial and healing arts, as he traveled around the world.

Terry is a certified Master Reiki Trainer, Mindfulness Master life Coach,Master Hypnotherapy and NLP Trainer, Medical Qigong Tai Chi Teacher and is Master Educator in Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation System, which he founded from his 40 years of training experience.

Currently offering yearly meditative retreats to Wudang Mountain, China, Rishikesh, India and Bali, Indonesia. Assisting people to take that inward journey as we travel and explore outward adventures in some of the most amazing and vibrant destinations in the world.

Terry takes great pleasure in making himself available as a guest teacher on other people's retreats.

Phone: 416-732-0429

Email: info@chungfumartialarts.com