• Topic : Plant music and orchestra live demonstration
  • Date : 26th Dec 2020
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Tritone Crisantemo

Federation of Damanhur in Italy

Triton with Pittsburgh musicians Jenn Davidson, Stephanie Miller, Steve Sciulli and Brooke Smokelin will perform in concert with plants that are connected to a "Symphony" device giving them musical voices with the ability to create sounds and melodies that respond to their environment and interaction with humans.

Playing music with plants is a great adventure into the understanding and nature of the plant species, with which we share this planet's biosphere and are intrinsically and biologically connected. Through exploration and collaboration with the plant world, we expand our consciousness and learn how to live more harmoniously and organically.

The Masterplants Orchestra strives to act as a bridge across the many different worlds that exist on this planet and deeply values the immense complexity of expression of all the species with whom we are sharing a divine, spiritual and physical ecosystem.